• 2011 Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids

    by  • October 19, 2011 • News


    A 31-page color booklet that illustrates the different styles of hearing aids, compares different models and features, and shows the technology pyramid and hearing aid pricing.

    Available in the USA and CANADA ONLY
    Price: $4.99
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    Reasons to buy the book:

    • Includes over 450 New Hearing Aids, Specs & Pricing.
    • Explains digital hearing aid technology: Entry Level Digital, Basic Digital, Advanced Digital, and Premium Digital Hearing Aids and compares the differences.
    • Shows Best Value: Reprogrammable models keep your hearing in focus for years to come.
    • Shows how damaged hair cells affect hearing.
    • Lists 10 reasons receiver-in-canal wins.
    • Lists seven reasons you hear better with two ears.
    • Talks about the new invisible hearing aids.
    • Explains hearing aid battery basics.
    • Explains what you should expect from your hearing aids.
    • Provides a glossary and definitions so you understand hearing aid terminology.
    • Is must-have before you buy your next pair of hearing aids.

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    Hearing Loss Association of America
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