• Bill Cutler Remembered

    William B. (Bill) Cutler was HLAA-CA (then SHHH-CA) Treasurer 1993-1995 and Board of Trustees member 1993-1996.

    Bill Cutler and Myra White and Rocky StoneBill Cutler was president of the HLAA national Board of Trustees (then known as Self Help for Hard of Hearing People or SHHH) from 1986 to 1990. He and HLAA (formerly SHHH) Founder, Rocky Stone, were great advocates for the same cause. However, they often disagreed about how to get to the same goal. It was a delight to watch Bill and Rocky “go at it” at Board meetings in a most respectful and honest way. They were tough, gentleman debaters who often disagreed, but at the end of the day, they had deep admiration and respect for one another. [source: Barbara Kelley]

    Bill Cutler received the Rocky Stone Humanitarian Award in 1995 [Source: Barbara Kelley and #1]. The Howard E. “Rocky” Stone Humanitarian Award was established in 1990. Honorees are selected by the Board of Trustees to recognize and celebrate an outgoing or past trustee for his or her extraordinary contributions toward the furtherance of the objectives and personal exemplification of the philosophy envisioned by Howard E. Stone, founder of HLAA (SHHH). [source: Barbara Kelley]

    Bill CutlerBill wrote many of the early publications for HLAA (SHHH) on looping and ALDs (assistive listening devices). One I remember was called the “Rube Goldberg Approach to ALDs.” [source: Barbara Kelley]

    Bill Cutler was Regional Coordinator for the Pacific States around 1983-1985. Bill Cutler was with the SHHH (now HLAA) Peninsula chapter in 1983. Bill, Jim Montgomery, and Don Senger were among the founding members of the SHHH/HLAA California State Association (now HLAA-CA). He worked for Stanford University before retirement. Bill Cutler and Kate Lowenstein were president and secretary of the SHHH Bay Area Members (“SHHH-BAM”) coalition when it was incorporated. SHHH-BAM was a coalition of SHHH Bay Area chapters (Peninsula, San Jose, San Francisco, and a fourth chapter). Bill was the first treasurer for SHHH-CA, producing complex financial reports few trustees and officers understood. [Source: Don Senger]

    Bill Cutler was editor of SHHH-BAM (now HLAA-CA) newsletter.

    “In 1986 Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, is the site of the second National Convention chaired by Bill Cutler who is elected SHHH President.” [source: Hearing Loss Association of America, #2]

    As for Bill Cutler — our man in Palo Alto — well, most of us with families will identify with his latest contribution to Shhh. (“Oh! Those Happy Holidays!”) Bill develops his story in the context of love and that is what sustains most of us.” [Source: Howard E. “Rocky” Stone, An Invisible Condition, #3]

    Bill Cutler“”The following are excerpts from a letter from Executive Director of SHHH/HLA Terry Portis dated December 6, 2005:
    I am excited to be able to tell you that our Board of Trustees voted on November 6, 2005, to change the name of our organization to the Hearing Loss Association of America. This change will enable us to more effectively reach out to the 31 million Americans who have hearing loss. Our new name sends an inclusive message that no matter what generation you belong to or what level of hearing loss you have–this organization is for you.
    Discussion about changing the name of our organization first began in 1989 when the late Bill Cutler was president of the Board of Trustees of SHHH. The discussion was sparked by a changing environment due to technology and medical advances. Advances in hearing aids, cochlear implants, and hearing assistive technology have not only continued but have escalated at a dramatic rate.”
    [Source: Hearing Loss Association of America, Western Wisconsin, #4]

    “Bill Cutler and George DeVilbiss, two legends from SHHH/HLAA history” [Source: Norman Lederman, Mar 25, 2011, Re: [Loops_and_Telecoils]…and a little loop history…, #5]

    “Bill was a very intelligent man who worked at Stanford University (accounting?), and he was one of the first presidents of the SHHH Board of Trustees. That was a good move on your part to invite him to speak! Wish we had a recording of his talk!” [Source: Dana Mulvany, Mar 25, 2011, Re: [Loops_and_Telecoils]…and a little loop history…, #6]

    Bill Cutler 1995“Bill Cutler Scholarship
    During the [National] board of trustees meeting in June, parameters were approved for the initiation of the Bill Cutler Convention Scholarship Fund. To date, the funds will allow SHHH to award three scholarships per year for three years beginning with the 1998 SHHH National Convention in Boston. Watch for the procedure and criteria for selection in the January 1998 issue of Hearing Loss: The Journal of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People. Bill Cutler a long-time member from Palo Alto, California, and past president of the board, died July 25, 1996.” [Source: Montgomery County Maryland Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, McSHHH News, November 1997, #7]

    Bill Cutler, a deafened person, passed away recently at the age of 72 of cancer. He was a founder of the SHHH chapter in the San Francisco bay area where he […] resided […]. He served as the president of the national SHHH organization. A former chemist, he was always looking for devices that would help the deafened to hear better, forever discussing ideas with inventors.” [Source: Deafdigest – August 4 – August 10, 1996, Volume 1 Number 2, Barry Strassler, editor, #8]

    Read SHHH-BAM Remembered by Joan Kleinrock, including an article by Bill Cutler and a photo of Bill Cutler.

    See Bill Cutler on page 13 of Chapter and State Development (A Collection of Memories from Members) [#9].

    Read about Bill Cutler in Don Senger’s article in the Hearing Loss Association of America, Diablo Chapter February 2009 Newsletter.

    May 1995

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