• Santa Monica

    Meeting Place

    Ken Edwards Center
    1527 4th Street, Room #105 (right across from the mall, Santa Monica Place)
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Click the following link for a map: http://goo.gl/maps/sYfK1

    When Do We Meet?


    The Hearing Loss Association Santa Monica Chapter meets on every 2nd Saturday of the month except for June and December. The meetings will be from 10:00-12:00 p.m. There will be an optional social event after every meeting at the many different restaurants and entertainment venues in downtown Santa Monica.


    Take Highway 10 to the 4th Street exit. Turn right on 4th Street, go 1 block and the Ken Edwards Center is on the right.

    Public Transit:
    The Ken Edwards Center is located in one of the most transit-accessible areas in all of Southern California.

    Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus
    Go to www.bigbluebus.com, or Call (310) 451-5444 for Transit Info

    Go to www.metro.net, or Call (323) 466-3876 for Transit Info


    There is free & metered parking in the underground parking garage at the Ken Edwards Center & inexpensive parking in the City and Mall lots across the street. You can park in any of the non-metered parking spots for free on Saturdays.

    Assistive Listening Devices

    The room at the Ken Edwards Center is looped for those that have T-coils. There are also a limited number of FM systems available. For those without hearing aids, there are FM systems with standard amplified head phones available.

    The meetings will also have CART or captioning.


    Guests are always welcome. Although all are welcome, the HLAA Santa Monica Chapter primarily serves the West side of Los Angeles County. Please also join us for a social event after every meeting at one of the many restaurants and entertainment venues in downtown Santa Monica.

    Hearing Problems? Our meetings are fun, friendly, and informative. There is always time for questions (on the meeting topic or not), and for discussing your problems with other members, who often have personal experiences they will be glad to share with you.

    If you are considering buying hearing aids, our members will be pleased to discuss their experiences with different brands and dispensers. It's an excellent source of information on hearing aids and on the less expensive assistive listening devices (ALDs) that can solve difficult problems of hearing in meetings, restaurants, and other noisy places.


    Accessibility, Education, Advocacy & Fun

    We will have guest speakers and group discussions about hearing loss issues that affect us all. Let us know what you would like to know more about or discuss and we will work it into our programming schedule. This will be your chapter!

    President, Jo An Peters, jejpeters@gmail.com

    Vice President, Teri Breier, tbreier@yahoo.com

    Treasurer, Linda Lawson, linda.lawson21@verizon.net

    Secretary, Linda Lawson, linda.lawson21@verizon.net


    Jo An Peters