• Emergency Planning for People with Hearing Loss

    Tips for Emergency Planning for People with Hearing Loss:

    (1) A weather radio with the “Public Alert” logo. It turns on automatically.
    (2) a cell phone service that sends text messages  about emergencies.
    (3) Interconnected smoke alarms in your home–one in every bedroom, and one on every floor. If you are hard-of-hearing you won’t hear these, so install a low-pitched sounding device.

    (1) Establish two ways out of every room. As a last resort, a collapsable escape ladder for upstairs rooms.
    (2) Keep a back pack by your bed with these items: crowbar, work gloves, clothes including shoes, flashlight, water bottle, small first aid kit, old hearing aid with batteries, old eyeglasses.

    Cell phone with 12 volt auto plug (and know how to text), landline telephone that does not need AC power, portable AM/FM radio with batteries, portable TV with battery and 12 volt auto plug. Write the emergency channels, including your city’s, on a sticker.

    Food and Water:
    Store somewhere you hope to access after an earthquake: Jerry cans of water, food that does not require cooking.

    After several years everything spoils, discharges, or no longer fits. Even your best intentions become obsolete. So keep your preparations at a level you will maintain year after year.