• Hearing Loss Information and Resources

    Fact Sheet
    1 in 10 people have a hearing loss. Do you or does a person you know have a hearing loss? Are you curious about hearing loss in general? Read the facts.

    Veterans with hearing loss

    Hearing Test
    Do you think that you may have a hearing loss? Take the test.

    Disability Benefits with Hearing Loss
    Applying for Disability Benefits with Hearing Loss by Ram Meyyappan

    Hearing Aid Resources
    Read about hearing aid resources in California.

    Speech and Language
    Read about schools and centers in California that focus on the Auditory-Oral Method and Auditory Verbal Therapy.

    Speechreading/Lipreading Classes
    Find out where you can take a class to gain this skill or brush up on your current skills.

    Sign Language Classes/Interpreters
    Find out where you can take ASL classes and find interpreters for your class or event.

    Evolution of the Hearing Aid
    Read about the evolution of the hearing aid (credits to Bluebirdcare.ie).


    Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
    Learn about the uses of different assistive listening devices and how you can get your own.

    Cochlear Implants

    If you have a severe to profound hearing loss, you may qualify to get a cochlear implant. Find out the benefits of having a cochlear implant.

    Hearing Aids
    Whether your loss is mild, moderate, severe, or profound, hearing aids may help you more than you think. Read more about the different kinds there are and how they might benefit you.

    Real-Time Captioning (CART)
    A popular service used by many deaf and hard of hearing people, this verbatim method of transcription is on the rise today. Find out how you can use it and be an advocate.

    Movie Captioning

    Fewer deaf and hard of hearing people are going to the movies today. Where can we find captioned films and how can be be better advocates for them?

    Television and Internet Captioning

    If your TV is larger than 13?, by law, you should have captions on it. However, with the popularity of the Internet, we are seeing more programs broadcast online. Which programs can we access and how can we make our own accessible as well?

    Looping is technology that helps people with hearing loss hear in meeting places.

    You are your best advocate for which communication device you use: video relay service, captioned telephones, amplified telephones, or instant messaging. Find out which ones are getting the most buzz these days.

    Parent Resources

    Early Intervention
    Read more about Early Hearing Detection and Intervention and why it’s important to get babies’ hearing tested.

    Infants and Children
    If your child was born deaf or hard of hearing or lost his/her hearing before the age of 2, these resources may help you in making decisions regarding communication.

    Welcome to Holland
    Read one mother’s experience in raising a child with a disability.

    Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss
    Video about classroom techniques for teaching mainstreamed students with hearing loss. Useful for teachers, students with hearing loss, and parents of students with hearing loss. Ask teachers to watch it.

    Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Kids Community
    A safe place for youth with hearing loss to bond and connect.

    Financial Aid Guide for Students with Disabilities
    A fantastic financial aid guide with over 70 scholarship names for students with disabilities.

    Financial Aid Opportunities for Disabled Students
    This webpage contains a list of scholarship opportunities for college students with hearing loss.

    Guide for Students with Disabilities
    A great college guide for students with disabilities

    We Connect Now
    A website for college students with disabilities and a resource used by colleges in all states and at least ten foreign countries.

    Helping Him Hear
    Useful information for parents with newly diagnosed children

    Other Organizations
    A list of prominent national organizations and Calfornia based organizations that serve the deaf and hard of hearing.

    More Information
    Hearing loss information from ConsumerAffairs
    ConsumerAffairs content illustrating the disparity between how people treat people with difficulty hearing vs. people with another common disability, vision loss

    Guide about home safety for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from the national home security company, Protect America

    Gail Morrison’s Hearing Loss Story
    HLAA-CA BOT Member Gail Morrison describes her experience with hearing loss, HLAA, and hearing loss advocacy.

    Lynne Kinsey’s Cochlear Implant Story
    HLAA-CA BOT Member Lynne Kinsey shares her cochlear implant story.