• Speechreading/Lipreading Classes

    Levels: Beg=Beginner, Int=Intermediate, Adv=Advanced

    “Speechreading Challenges”, CD-ROM

    “Seeing and Hearing Speech”, interactive CD-ROM

    2016 Speechreading Classes in California

    Aural Rehabilitation

    Advanced Bionics has released two new home-based aural rehabilitation programs on listening skills improvement for adolescents and adults with cochlear implants.  For more information, visit the Advanced Bionics website at www.bionicear.com or contact the Bionic Ear Association at 800-678-2575 or email hear@advancedbionics.com.

    Cochlear Americas has released an interactive listening rehabilitation program for adults, “Sound and Beyond”, $300, for improving listening skills of cochlear implant users. See www.cochlear.com.

    In addition, some of the speechreading classes listed above offer a few lessons on aural rehabilitation.

    List of Lip-Reading Classes in California