• Telecommunications

    When it comes to choosing the best way to communicate, no one knows what you need better than you. Below are the links to various resources that are either video, text, or voice based that will help you in making your decision over which type of hearing loss telecommunication services you want.

    Video Relay Services:


    These companies offer the option to use VP and/or your computer to make calls. Check their websites for more info about their particular services–some have unique features that make them different from other brands.

    Captioned Telephones:

    Caption Call
    Hamilton Captel
    Ultratec – Captel

    Instant Messaging and Video Chat:

    AIM (PC)
    iChat (Mac)
    Gmail Chat and Google+ Hangouts
    Windows Live Messenger
    Yahoo Messenger

    *Some video relay companies may also offer instant messaging features, so check their websites.

    Smart Phones and Touch Screens:

    Various phone and relay companies have created mobile and wireless versions of their products for your favorite wireless device, whether it’s an iPhone 4, Sprint 4GS, Blackberry, Android, or iPad. You will need to visit their site to find out how you can download the application for your smart phone or touch screen. Some of these companies include:

    Hamilton Mobile Captel
    Purple – Clear Captions
    Sprint Wireless Captel

    To find out more about the compatibility of your hearing aid or cochlear implant’s t-coil with the mobile phones on the market, please visit HLAA National’s page and the CTIA wireless industry page, the latter which explains the usefulness of a t-coil and contains videos on how to purchase the right mobile phone for your use.

    Free Telephones:

    California Telephone Access Program (CTAP)
    The state of California has the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP), which distributes free telephones and other equipment and services to individuals who have difficulty using the telephone. You can download an application form online, or contact a Call Center and request that a form be sent to you.

    There are the seven Call Centers in California, from the Sacramento area down to the San Diego area.

    Please visit www.ddtp.org for more information.