• Hearing Loss Tech Expo 2017 Exhibit Hall Layout

    Spaces still unassigned: T2, T8, T11

    Spaces already reserved by registered exhibitors: T1, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T9, T10, T12, T13*, T14, T15*, T16, T17, T18*, T19*, T20, T21, T22, T23, T24, T25*, T26, T27, T28, 29, T30
    * = exhibitor to be announced
    Tech Expo 2017 Exhibitors Tables

    Table T1 California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) CTAP provides adaptive telephone equipment to California residents who have difficulties hearing, seeing, speaking, remembering, or moving, including free specialized phones and accessories for people who are hard of hearing or late-deafened.
    Table T3 Envoy Medical Corporation A fully implanted hearing device that uses the ear as its “microphone.” A wonderfully elegant and simple way to avoid many of the problems and limitations of other hearing devices.
    Table T4 Serene Innovations Design, Manufacture, Amplified Telephones, Personal TV Listening Devices and Central Alert Systems for the Hearing and Vision Impaired. Blue Tooth Cell Phone Amplifier, Alarm Clock, Watches and Two Way Pager.
    Table T5 CaptionCall CaptionCall is the Gold Standard in captioned telephone service. With its sleek phone design, red carpet home installation and superior captioning service—all at no cost—CaptionCall raises the bar. www.captioncall.com
    Table T6 Connect Hearing Our Hearing Care Professionals are passionate about helping people to hear better. We provide professional recommendations based upon your individual hearing needs and lifestyle. We offer a 2-week FREE trial – and the Connect Advantage.
    Table T7 InnoCaption InnoCaption is an App for the smartphone (iPhone and Android). InnoCaption delivers real time captioning from stenographers on incoming and outgoing calls within a 1-to-2 second delay and 95% accuracy.
    Table T9 Department of Rehabilitation The Department’s mission is to work in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities.
    Table T10 OTOjOY OTOjOY’s goal is to create awareness about hearing loop technology and its impact on individuals with hearing loss. Expert design and installation services and community outreach, creating hearing friendly communities throughout California.
    Table T12 NeoSensory Hear with your skin. NeoSensory is developing the world’s first hearing assistive technology you wear on your wrist. Like Braille for sound, our wristbands convert speech and environmental sounds to vibrations that are easily understood.
    Table T14 MED-EL Corporation MED-EL is the premier developer of hearing-implant technology, connecting people in every walk of life to the rich arena of sound. Visit www.medel.com.
    Table T16 General Technologies We sell assistive devices for the hard of hearing, TV devices, alarm clocks, personal amplifiers, FM radio transmitters and receivers etc.
    Table T17 HLAA-CA and Participating HLAA Northern California Chapters Providing information, education, support, and advocacy services to Californians with hearing loss, their families, and their friends
    Table T20 Advanced Bionics Advanced Bionics is dedicated to improving lives by developing cochlear implant technologies and services that help our recipients achieve their full potential. Your Life. Our Commitment.
    Table T21 CapTel Outreach CapTel Outreach provides outreach, education, and installation support for the CapTel Captioned Telephone. Ideal for individuals with hearing loss, the CapTel Phone provides word-for-word captions of everything the caller is saying.
    Table T22 Clarity Clarity, the leader in amplified phones and notifications systems now has the Clarity Chat, a personal sound amplifier, which gives the opportunity to boost the sounds of life.
    Table T23 Cochlear Americas Cochlear’s mission is to innovate and bring to market a range of implantable hearing solutions that deliver a lifetime of hearing outcomes.
    Table T24 Harris Communications We have an unbeatable selection of products for all levels of hearing loss! Products include: amplified phones, assistive listening devices, TV amplifiers, loud alarm clocks, signalers and emergency alert products.
    Table T26 Hearing Now USA Sales and installation of Hearing loops to the California Market. Advocacy and community outreach to the hearing loss community. Demonstrations and product reviews to businesses interested in providing for the hearing loss community.
    Table T27 ClearCaptions ClearCaptions is a federally funded telecommunications company providing real-time text of phone conversations for people with hearing loss. We educate local communities about this program and the free phone available.
    Table T28 California Academy of Audiology (CAA) CAA is a nonprofit organization representing audiologists in California. Promotes public good by fostering the growth, development, recognition and status of the profession of audiology and its members.
    Table T29 Oticon Oticon Opn(TM) is a paradigm shift in helping individuals hear and participate in the most challenging listening environments. Opn(TM) is also the world’s first dual wireless and internet-connected hearing aid.
    Table T30 ClearSounds Communications Provides complete line of communication and sound enhancement products for remarkable sound experience, including Bluetooth solutions like Quattro 4.0, Quattro 4L, QLinkTV, QConnect, QH2, & A1600BT & amplified telephones like A400, A700, & CSC500.