• Hearing Loss Tech Expo 2018 Participating HLAA Chapters Action Item Checklist

    What Participating HLAA Chapters Need to Do Before the Expo
    The highest priority is attracting attendees. We need your help, please.

    • Distribute tech expo postcards to board members, chapter members, and others. Postcards and instructions are mailed to participating chapter leaders. If you need more postcards, please email HLAA-CA. For ideas about where to distribute postcards, please click here.
    • Include information about the tech expo in chapter newsletters.
    • Promote the tech expo to chapter members, friends, and contacts by email, by phone, and in person. Encourage them to preregister.
    • Promote the tech expo to the media.
    • Give to the expo chairperson a list of chapter board members who are willing to volunteer on the day of the expo. Click to see volunteer tasks.
    • Print chapter brochures, chapter newsletters, etc., to put on the HLAA chapter exhibit table on the day of the tech expo for attendees to take. About 300 copies, or at least 100 copies, should be prepared.

    What Participating Chapters Need to Bring to the Expo

    • Chapter brochures, chapter newsletters, etc., that you wish to put on the exhibit table for attendees to take (about 300 copies, or at least 100 copies)
    • Chapter sign and stand (if desired)
    • Lunch for yourself (food is not provided at the expo)

    Day of Expo Schedule, Sunday, September 23, 2018

    • 11 AM – 12 PM: room setup prior to arrival of exhibitors
    • 12-1 PM: exhibitor setup
    • 1-4 PM: exhibit open to the public
    • 4-5 PM: cleanup and removal

    Volunteer Task Assignments

    After the Expo

    Distribute your chapter’s leftover attendee bags to your chapter members during chapter meetings.

    HLAA-CA / Chapters Exhibit Table Assignment