• Highlights of the HLAA-CA Annual Board of Trustees Meeting on January 14, 2017

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    The Hearing Loss Association of America, California State Association (HLAA-CA) 2017 annual board of trustees meeting was held on Saturday, January 14, 2017, at the Holiday Inn San Francisco International Airport.

    The meeting was chaired by HLAA-CA president Zina Jawadi. Trustees attending were Toni Barrient (Southern Coordinator, ex officio), Jeff Chess (treasurer), Zina Jawadi (president), Lynne Kinsey, Gail Morrison (vice president), and Bob Zastrow (Northern Coordinator, ex officio).
    Trustees Thibault Duchemin, Marjorie (Maggie) Iller, Rachel Otto (secretary), and Meg Wallhegen (National, ex officio) did not attend.

    Guests attending were Wayne Lesser, Sara Oser, and Peter Townsend.

    Captioning was provided by Leah Sowles (morning) and Liz Jenson (afternoon).

    With six out of the 10 voting trustees attending, a quorum was reached.

    Summary of Outcomes
    The March 19, 2016 board meeting minutes were approved.

    Zina Jawadi was unanimously voted as president (her second term as president), and Gail Morrison was unanimously voted as vice president (her second term as vice president). Zina Jawadi has been serving as president since February 2015, and Gail Morrison has been serving as vice president since February 2015.

    The treasurer’s report and 2016 budget (prepared by Jeff Chess) were reviewed. The newsletter report (prepared by Grace Tiessen) was reviewed. The website report (by Zina Jawadi) was reviewed. The Southern Coordinator report (by Nanci Linke-Ellis) was reviewed. The advocacy report (by Gail Morrison) was reviewed.

    The following reports were reviewed: the treasurer’s 2016 report, the newsletter financial report, the newsletter status report, the website report, the Northern Coordinator report, and the Southern Coordinator report.

    The 2017 budget was reviewed and unanimously approved.

    The 2016 annual goals – fundraising, Tech Expo 2016, CAA 2016 Conference, Disability Capitol Action Day 2016, and press releases – were reviewed. All goals were achieved, except the Disability Capitol Action Day, which was not held, because the event cancelled in 2016.

    The 2017 proposed goals were presented and approved.

    2017 Goals
    Holding expenses at current level
    Keeping cash balance at current level or above
    Holding tech expo in Southern California in the fall of 2017
    Exhibiting in the CAA conference in September 2017 in Sacramento
    Exhibiting in the Disability Capitol Action Day 2017 in Sacramento
    Continuing to publish the newsletter
    Continuing to post on the Facebook page
    Issuing at least two press releases

    Committees and committee members were decided as follows:
    Advocacy committee: Toni Barrient, Lynne Kinsey, and Gail Morrison
    CAA Conference committee: Toni Barrient and Lynne Kinsey
    Disability Capitol Action Day committee: Bob Zastrow
    Fundraising committee: Toni Barrient, Jeff Chess, and Zina Jawadi
    Newsletter committee: Toni Barrient, Jeff Chess, and Zina Jawadi
    Nominations committee: Zina Jawadi
    Press Release committee: Zina Jawadi and Gail Morrison
    Tech Expo committee: Zina Jawadi and Gail Morrison