• Janel Edmiston

    Janel Edmiston IMG_0065 2600x3545Janel Edmiston
    Former HLAA Northern California Chapter Coordinator (served 2014-2016)

    Janel Edmiston was appointed HLAA Northern California Chapter Coordinator in 2014. Previously, she was appointed HLAA-CA trustee for a one-year term in February 2014. Janel is also the President of the HLAA River City Chapter. Outside of HLAA, she enjoys her work with high school students. Janel began losing her hearing in her early 20s, and is now profoundly deaf and uses a cochlear implant. She is partnered with a hearing dog, Onalee, who was trained by Canine Companions for Independence. She plans to get a second cochlear implant in 2015. Janel is mother of three and wife of a Sacramento City Fire Battalion Chief. Janel lives in Elk Grove, California.