• Nanci Linke-Ellis

    Nanci Linke Ellis 480x352Nanci Linke-Ellis, Former HLAA Southern California Chapter Coordinator and HLAA-CA Ex Officio Member of the Board of Trustees

    Nanci Linke-Ellis was appointed HLAA Southern California Chapter Coordinator in 2010 until she retired in June 2016. She was an elected HLAA-CA trustee 2007-2009. She is a hearing loss and disability consultant to movie studios, theatres, and the film industry. She is an experienced captioning advocate and a partner of Captionfish, an entertainment deaf and hard-of-hearing source. She is on the board of trustees of the World Institute on Disability, California State Rehabilitation Council, and Santa Monica Commission on Disabilities. She received multiple awards, including the World Institute on Disability 2014 Media Access Award, Disabled Resources Center 2014 Jerry Stein Independent Living Award, Federal Communications Commission Chairman’s 2011 Award for Advancement in Accessibility, TDI International’s 2007 Promotion Award, Self Help for Hard of Hearing California 2005 Media Access Award, and Oticon 2001 Focus on People Award. She holds a B.F.A. in theatre from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Nanci has hearing loss, uses cochlear implants, and lives in Santa Monica, California.