• HLAA-CA Facebook Announcement

    by  • April 23, 2014

    On May 1, 2014, Facebook pages of the HLAA Northern chapters will be merging with the Facebook page of the Hearing Loss Association of America, California State Association (HLAA-CA). Please note that the Facebook pages of the HLAA Northern chapters will not be shutting down. The chapter moderators have now become Content Creators for the HLAA-CA Facebook page. In other words, Bruce Harris and I (Zina Jawadi) will no longer be the only moderators who can post on the HLAA-CA Facebook. The purpose of this change is to unify the Facebook pages of the Northern chapters into one and to reduce the time spent moderating Facebook pages. Depending on its success, this change may be temporary or permanent.

    Thank you very much.


    Zina Jawadi
    HLAA-CA Vice President, Facebook Moderator, and Webmaster…

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    HLAA Northern California Chapter Coordinator-in-Training Announcement

    by  • March 22, 2014

    HLAA-CA is delighted to announce that Janel Edmiston has been appointed Northern California Chapter Coordinator-in-Training by HLAA National. Don Senger, who has been serving as Northern California Chapter Coordinator since the resignation of Cindy Jagger, has kindly offered to mentor and support Janel.

    More information can be found here:

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    Announcement Regarding HLAA-CA Board Members

    by  • February 19, 2014

    The board of trustees of the Hearing Loss Association of America – California State Association (HLAA-CA) would like to thank Maxine Barton-Bauman, former HLAA-CA secretary and board member, Debbie Clark, former HLAA-CA vice president and board member, and Ellen Mastman, former HLAA-CA vice president and board member, for their service, contributions, and dedication. Additionally, the HLAA-CA board of trustees cordially would like to welcome Janel Edmiston, Ram Kakkar, and Karen Wheeler who joined the HLAA-CA board of trustees. Furthermore, during the February 15, 2014 HLAA-CA board meeting, HLAA-CA had its annual officer election. Jim Montgomery was reelected HLAA-CA president, Zina Jawadi was elected HLAA-CA vice president, Karen Wheeler was elected HLAA-CA secretary (vacated by Zina Jawadi), and Jeff Chess was reelected HLAA-CA treasurer.…

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    HLAA-CA Board of Trustees Meeting, February 15, 2014

    by  • February 3, 2014

    HLAA-CA Board of Trustees Meeting Saturday, February 15, 2014, Everyone Welcome

    The HLAA-CA Board of Trustees meeting will be held Saturday, February 15, 2014, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the San Leandro Marina Inn, 68 Monarch Bay Drive, San Leandro, CA 94577. The discounted hotel rate is $109 per night, and parking is free. To get the discounted rate, please call the hotel at (510) 895-1311. Free pick-up from the Oakland Airport if you are staying at the hotel.

    Everyone is welcome. See you there!…

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    Hearing Loss Association of California renamed to Hearing Loss Association of America, California State Association, Inc.

    by  • October 28, 2013

    The Hearing Loss Association of California (HLA-CA) has officially changed its name to the Hearing Loss Association of America, California State Association, Inc. (HLAA-CA).

    The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, HLAA is a national and international, non-sectarian, educational organization for people with hearing loss, their relatives, and their friends. HLAA provides hearing loss education, support, and advocacy and works on raising public awareness about hearing loss and eradicating the stigma associated with hearing loss.

    The Hearing Loss Association of America, California State Association, Inc. (HLAA-CA), formerly Hearing Loss Association of California (HLA-CA), was founded by a group of HLAA California state leaders in 1989. HLAA-CA is affiliated with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). In addition to the state-level HLAA-CA, California has nineteen HLAA local chapters, as of October 2013.

    Both HLAA and HLAA-CA are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations.

    The new name, Hearing Loss Association of America, California State Association, Inc. (HLAA-CA), aligns HLAA-CA with the HLAA national brand, strengthens HLAA-CA’s name recognition, and unifies HLAA-CA’s identity with the HLAA national organization, HLAA chapters, and other HLAA state organizations. Furthermore, the new name recognizes HLAA as a single entity with many chapters and state associations.

    The HLAA-CA logo will be updated in the near future.

    Zina Jawadi
    HLAA-CA Secretary…

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    Hearing Loss Association of California – State Board of Trustees 2013 Election Applications

    by  • October 8, 2013

    There are three Board openings each year. Board members are elected at-large to represent all members of HLA-CA.

    If you are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees of Hearing Loss Association – California (HLA-CA), you must:

    • Be a member of Hearing Loss Association of America.
    • Support the goals of the Hearing Loss Association of America.
    • Be willing to serve a full three-year term on the Board of Trustees.
    • Attend at least two Board meetings per year, normally in February and August. A limited reimbursement is allowed for travel expenses.
    • Be willing to communicate with the board via email between meetings and vote via email when required.
    • Have no conflict of interest, such as representing vendors or distributors who provide services or equipment to HLA-CA or its members.
    • Ideal nominees will have meeting skills, and an ability to conduct program and policy evaluations at the state level. Nominees should be known as team players.

    The purpose of HLA-CA is to:

    • Provide a strong communication link between National, State and local chapters.
    • Aid the Hearing Loss population and the State organization in providing focused advocacy efforts, both national and local in scope.
    • Assist Hearing Loss Association of America in policy development, review and evaluation.

    To apply for the Board of Trustees, please send a cover letter via email including:

    • The number of years you have been a HLAA member
    • The number of years of HLAA chapter membership/leadership
    • Your hearing loss (if applicable)
    • Why you would like to serve on the HLA-CA Board of Trustees
    • Hearing loss issues you are interested in
    • Your email address for contact, or questions from voters
    • Include or attach:
      • A current resume with applicable experience listed (resume will be used by the HLA-CA nomination committee only)
      • Endorsement by your chapter
      • A 250-word candidate’s statement/autobiography to be used in ballots, which will be sent to HLAA members and published on the HLA-CA website

    Please email completed applications to Susan Shaffer, HLA-CA Nominations Chair, at sshaffer@hearinglossca.org, by October 20, 2013

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    HLA-CA Board of Trustees Meeting, September 21, 2013

    by  • July 26, 2013

    HLA-CA Board of Trustees Meeting Saturday, September 21, 2013, Everyone Welcome

    The HLA-CA Board of Trustees meeting will be held Saturday, September 21, 2013, from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM at the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles International Airport Hotel, 5985 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles CA.  The discounted room rate is $110.00, and discounted parking is $10.00 per day.  Free pick-up from LAX.

    Ron Elsberry, Disability Rights Legal Center, will speak about ADA training.

    Everyone is welcome.  See you there!…

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    HLA-CA Board of Trustees Election – Deadline October 10, 2012

    by  • August 22, 2012

    Interested in running for the HLA-CA’s Board of Trustees? Applications will be accepted to fill three positions. An applicant must be a member of HLAA and a resident of California. The term of office is three years with two Board meetings a year in February and August.

    Please send completed applications to Susan Shaffer, Nominations Chair, 9341 Gordon Avenue, La Habra, CA 90631, sshaffer@hearinglossca.org, postmarked no later than October 10, 2012.…

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    Increase Public Awareness & Action for Hearing Loss – Join the Competition Online – Deadline September 30, 2012

    by  • August 22, 2012

    The Oticon Foundation and the non-profit Ida Institute have launched a worldwide open call for ideas that have the potential to generate better understanding of hearing loss, change public perception and encourage people to take action. Ideas, Speak up – Action and Awareness for Hearing Loss is an open innovation competition, funded by the Oticon Foundation and facilitated by the Ida Institute. The idea competition is designed to involve hearing care professionals, students, patients, families and the general public to submit their original ideas online for awareness projects that have the potential to affect change locally and/or globally, are simple and cost-effective and inspire people to action.

    Why is such a competition needed? More than 250 million people worldwide have hearing loss and 80 percent go untreated. Many attempts at raising awareness have been tried in the past and yet none have had any lasting impact. Hearing loss has high costs both individually and for society. Past negative images and stereotypes prevent people from seeking solutions. Hearing loss will continue to affect an ever greater number of people due to an aging population. Unacknowledged and untreated hearing loss is linked to health problems, stigma, job loss and social exclusion.

    Now is the time to make a difference by coming up with ideas to increase public awareness. So don’t wait. Speak up, post your ideas, share, vote, win. If you Click ideas, you can read already submitted ideas.

    Until September 30, 2012, ideas will be shared online at www.awarenessforhearingloss.com and commenting and voting will take place. From October through February 2013, implementation plans for the top-ten ideas will be developed. In February, an expert panel of judges, made up of thought leaders in a variety of hearing and health care, innovation and communication disciplines, will select three winning ideas that will be announced at the April 2013 American Academy of Audiology Conference in Anaheim, CA.

    Each prize winner will receive a round trip airline ticket to Anaheim, CA, three nights stay at a hotel, a subsistence stipend and entry to the AAA Conference.

    About the Oticon Foundation
    Founded in 1957, the Oticon Foundation funds social and educational programs, publications, conferences, cultural activities and campaigns – both for researchers, hearing care professionals and the general public. The Foundation supports the needs of hearing impaired individuals as well as organizations that serve people with hearing loss.

    About the Ida Institute
    Established in 2007 with a grant from the Oticon Foundation, the Ida Institute is a non-profit independent educational institute located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Institute seeks to foster a better understanding of the human dynamics associated with hearing loss, by serving as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and the development of innovative and practical tools.

    Marisa Sarto entered her photojournalism idea, Hear Nor There, in the
    competition. Following is Grace Tiessen’s entry, Hearing loss is a public health issue.
    Please VOTE. Use the search bar to find the idea you want to vote for, open it.
    At the top there will be 5 stars. Click on the stars.

    • Hearing loss is a Public Health Issue;
    • that everyone throughout their lives should have their hearing tested;
    • that audiologists and doctors must collaborate and prescribe hearing aids or CIs and follow up.

    I am profoundly hard of hearing and wear two Cochlear Implants. I get annual checkups to get a report on my health. For years I was told my health was excellent when in fact I was in poor psychological health. I was anxious, under stress, withdrawn, isolated. I had trouble with my close relationships. It was impossible for me to go to school or work. My three children, now in their fifties, with a family history of hearing loss, have never had their hearing tested.

    In 2012, I went to a Research Symposium at the Hearing Loss Association of America Convention, How the Brain makes sense of the World of Sound, and learned
    • 85% of people who need hearing aids do not get them in the US and the UK (free hearing aids). So money is not the problem.
    • There is a strong connection between dementia and untreated hearing loss with a 32% faster rate of cognitive decline in people with hearing loss vs normal hearing.
    • The representation of speech within the brain breaks down with sensorineural hearing loss.

    The Solution. Hearing must become part of our medical record with our primary care physician, just like cholesterol, blood pressure, mammograms, vaccinations, family history of disease.
    There must be a mandated schedule of hearing tests (an audiogram), and mandated followup. Testing at birth, at ages 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and then every five years for life.

    How to implement this? Next time I go for my annual checkup, I am going to give the above information to my primary care doctor. I am going to suggest to everybody on my Facebook page that they do the same.
    The American Academy of Audiologists, Hearing Loss Association of America and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association must work to have this passed into law. Testing at birth is already mandated. Expand this to mandated life long testing of hearing and mandated followup.…

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    HLAA Board of Trustees Meeting – August 4, 2012 in Long Beach

    by  • July 15, 2012


    Saturday August 4, 2012   –   9:00 am to 4:30 pm

    Arts and Services for Disabled Inc.

    3626 East Pacific Coast Highway, Third Floor, Long Beach, CA 90804

    HLAA members are welcome.

    Please RSVP by July 30, 2012

    Gail Morrison, gmorrison@hearinglossca.org

    Maxine Barton-Bauman, mbarton@hearinglossca.org

    Captioning, looped room, lunch provided…

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    Senior Technology Lab at GLAD – July 2012, September 2012, January 2013 (Free)

    by  • May 11, 2012

    The SENIOR TECHNOLOGY LAB at the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD) is a FREE 10 week course for deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens. This is funded by the California Communications Access Foundation (CCAF) and will include an introduction to computers, basic computer operation, sending and receiving email, using programs to develop documents such as grocery lists, creating birthday cards, and putting together a photo album.

    First Session Begins July 3, 2012
    Second Session Begins September 18, 2012
    Third Session Begins January 8, 2013

    Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
    2222 Laverna Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90041

    Registration Information:
    323-478-8000 (Voice/TTY)
    323-892-2225 (VP)

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