• President’s Message May 2015

    Zina Jawadi 2014Dear HLAA-CA Members,

    The HLAA-CA board members have started implementing the strategic plan passed in the February HLAA-CA board meeting. We have assembled twelve task teams: Advocacy Team, CAA Conference Booth Team, Disability Fair Booth Team, Fundraising Team, Monthly Information Summary Team, Chapter Training Workshop Central California Team, Chapter Training Workshop Northern California Team, Chapter Training Workshop Southern California Team, Nominating Team, Press Release Team, State Conference Team, and Video Team. Team-level plans have been developed, and teams are hard at work.

    The advocacy team is focusing on making government buildings, churches, corporations, and other entities accessible to people with hearing loss. We are participating in the Disability Capitol Action Day Fair in Sacramento on May 20, 2015. At least two of our board members will be at our booth in the Fair. We encourage all HLAA members, especially those in Northern California, to attend the event to promote HLAA, and to spread our cause. We also plan to participate in the Annual Conference of the California Academy of Audiology (CAA) in San Jose in September 2015.

    The fundraising team has established several ways in which members can donate. For instance, an HLAA-CA page was created within “Silicon Valley gives” for people to donate to HLAA-CA. Additionally, the donate page was updated on the HLAA-CA website. We encourage our members to donate to HLAA-CA. Our goal for this year is to raise 4,000 dollars, excluding money raised from the Walk4Hearing.

    Three chapter training workshops will be held in California in the fall of 2015: in Central California, in Northern California, and in Southern California. We encourage all chapter leaders and members interested in starting a chapter to attend these workshops.

    Two press releases have been issued in the last two months about the board changes and about the Disability Fair. Three videos have been published to promote the two Walk4Hearing events in California, the 2015 HLAA National Convention in St. Louis Missouri, and donations to HLAA-CA. We encourage you to watch these videos and to attend these events.

    Several enhancements have been made to the HLAA-CA website, including many more newsletters and photos from chapters. If you have any requests or suggestions to the website, please contact me at zjawadi@hearinglossca.org.

    There is a new, beautiful HLAA-CA brochure. If you need copies of the brochure, please contact Ann Thomas at athomas@hearinglossca.org.

    Additionally, a mailing list was created for HLAA-CA members to receive emails about events, updates, etc. You can sign up from our website.

    We would like to thank state leaders, chapter leaders, and HLAA members for their hard work and continuous dedication to the hearing loss cause.

    We appreciate your support and would love for you to be actively involved with our organization. We welcome members outside of our board to attend our meetings and to participate in the various strategic initiatives. Please contact me at zjawadi@hearinglossca.org if you have any comments or questions.

    I look forward to continue serving you.


    Zina Jawadi
    HLAA-CA President
    May 4, 2015