• Raegene Castle

    Raegene Castle, Former HLAA Northern California Chapter Co-Coordinator, HLAA-CA Ex Officio Trustee

    Raegene Castle was appointed HLAA Northern California Chapter Co-Coordinator in September 2016 and served until October 2016. Raegene served as HLAA-CA board member 2006 to 2008, and she was HLAA-CA vice president in 2007. Raegene is a former president of the HLAA Peninsula Chapter. Raegene first affiliated with HLAA in 2001 after meningitis left her with hearing loss in 2000. She participated in HLAA’s Hearing Assistive Technology Training. The training inspired Raegene to launch the Rocky Stone Hearing Assisted Technology Demonstration at the HLAA Peninsula Chapter, her home chapter. The Rocky Stone Hearing Assisted Technology Demonstration was featured in the September/October 2016 issue of Hearing Loss Magazine. Helping other chapters grow strong and helping other people with their hearing loss is very fulfilling to Raegene. Raegene lives in Redwood City, California.