• Ram Kakkar

    Ram Kakkar 987x1346Ram Kakkar, Former Member of the Board of Trustees
    Hearing Loss Association of America, California State Association (HLAA-CA)

    Ram Kakkar was elected HLAA-CA trustee in February 2014 and served until January 2017. Ram has been a member of the HLAA Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter since 2006. He served as looping chairperson in the chapter and in HLAA-CA. Ram is a retired engineer with 40 years of professional career. He is also a credentialed teacher and tax preparer, volunteering to help dropout children, seniors, and the needy. Ram has been a member with several Toastmasters clubs for more than ten years, serving in several capacities, including VP Education, VP Membership, President, and Area Governor. Ram participates in civic activities at the city level, providing hearing loss presentations and feedback to the City Council. With his Toastmasters skills, he approached local elected officials and staff of the City of Cerritos to provide looping, persisting until the city installed looping in several buildings. Ram has had progressive, bilateral severe-to-profound hearing loss for over 50 years. He wears a cochlear implant in one ear and hearing aid in the other. Ram lives in Cerritos, California.