• Real Time Captioning (CART)

    Captioning is to the left of the presentation. Courtesy CCAC Captioning.

    CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation), or real time captioning, is the verbatim, near instantaneous conversion of spoken language into text. A stenotype machine, notebook computer and realtime software is used to produce the text. The text is usually displayed by either on a screen by a projector connected to the notebook computer, or on a notebook computer or computer monitor.

    To be able to effectively use CART, the level or literacy of the individual with hearing loss should be considered (for example, CART may not be an effective accommodation for a pre-schooler with hearing loss, as they have not yet learned how to read).

    CART can cost between $40 and $200 an hour. There is usually a two or three hour minimum. Equipment, travel and preparation time to build the dictionary of names and terms specific to the event. Experience of the CART provider is also a consideration.

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