• Share Your Story with SOUND OFF

    If you have hearing loss and wish to share your hearing loss experience with others through HLAA-CA SOUND OFF, please complete the following questionnaire and email your answers to: soundoff@hearinglossca.org. Please also include a photo of yourself. Thank you.

    1. Your name:

    2. HLAA Chapter (if you are a member):

    3. About you:

    4. What was the moment when you realized that you had a hearing loss? What did you do about it?

    5. How has your hearing loss affected your life?

    6. What current issue related to hearing loss would you like to see addressed more? Why?

    7. What would you like to tell the younger generation?

    8. What technologies are the most useful to you? How?

    9. I am a member of HLAA becauseā€¦