• Sign Language Interpreters and Classes

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    American Sign Language (ASL) is a language rich in imagery, expression, and symbolic interpretation. It has been recognized as the language of the Deaf, but people with varying degrees of hearing loss use it as well. If you are interested in learning the language, there are classes that you can take through schools (community colleges are a popular place) and organizations run by and for deaf and hard of hearing people.

    Ohlone College offers many ASL courses and has many instructors: http://www.ohlone.edu/instr/deafstudies/asl.
    De Anza College also has ASL courses: https://www.deanza.edu/sign.

    Many deaf organizations will also have access to interpreters. To see a listing of deaf organizations in California, click here.

    For information about finding an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, visit any of the following:

    Access Interpreting: www.ainterpreting.com
    American Sign Language Santa Cruz: www.aslsc.com
    Bay Area Communications Access: www.bacainterp.com
    Beyond the Words: www.beyondthewordsinc.com
    Hands On Service: www.handsonsvs.com
    Linguabee: www.linguabee.com: online service that connects customers with ASL interpreters
    Northern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NorCRID): www.norcrid.org
    Partners in Communications: www.partnersincommunicationllc.com
    Partners Interpreting: www.partnersinterpreting.com
    Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf: www.rid.org: nonprofit registry of ASL interpreters
    Western Interpreting Network Bay Area: www.westerninterpreting.net