• Marilyn Finn

    SOUND OFF with…
    Marilyn Finn

    San Francisco Chapter Member, Former HLA-CA Board of Trustees President, mother, advocate, and avid traveler.

    1. What was the moment when you realized that you had a hearing loss? What did you do about it?

    I was fourteen when it was diagnosed. Hearing aids were not until I was 26. The birth of each child was hard on my hearing.

    2. How has your hearing loss affected your life?

    As it turns out, it has enriched it because of HLAA. The friends and amazing people I have met are wonderful. The advocacy work has introduced me to amazing people with all kinds of disabilities.

    3. What current issue related to hearing loss would you like to see addressed more? Why?

    I think we need to be very sure that captioning of the Internet offerings is put into place. I think we need to be vigilant to not be glossed over. I am equally concerned that HMO’s and new medical legislation also include our population more fairly than has been the case in the past.  Insure hearing aids. Same reason.

    4. What would you like to tell the younger generation?

    Be aware of the treasure that is your hearing.

    5. What technologies are the most useful to you? How?

    Captioned: phone, TV, films. ShakeAwake. Loop Systems. FM and InfaRed systems at church and other public places. My hearing aids.

    6. I am a member of HLAA because...

    There is much to do and I have benefited greatly. I want to continue this gift to hard of hearing people that was given to me.