• Technology

    Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
    Learn about the uses of different assistive listening devices and how you can get your own.

    Cochlear Implants
    If you have a severe to profound hearing loss, you may qualify to get a cochlear implant. Find out the benefits of having a cochlear implant.

    Hearing Aids
    Whether your loss is mild, moderate, severe, or profound, hearing aids may help you more than you think. Read more about the different kinds there are and how they might benefit you.

    Real-Time Captioning (CART)
    A popular service used by many deaf and hard of hearing people, this verbatim method of transcription is on the rise today. Find out how you can use it and be an advocate.

    Movie Captioning

    Fewer deaf and hard of hearing people are going to the movies today. Where can we find captioned films and how can be be better advocates for them?

    Television and Internet Captioning

    If your TV is larger than 13″, by law, you should have captions on it. However, with the popularity of the Internet, we are seeing more programs broadcast online. Which programs can we access and how can we make our own accessible as well?

    You are your best advocate for which communication device you use: video relay service, captioned telephones, amplified telephones, or instant messaging. Find out which ones are getting the most buzz these days.