• Toni Barrient

    Toni Barrient TAB2016 photo 220x300Toni Barrient, Former HLAA Southern California Chapter Coordinator (served 6/2016-3/2017)

    Toni Barrient was appointed HLAA Southern California Chapter Coordinator in June 2016 and served through March 2017. Toni worked on staff for nine years with HLAA National in Bethesda, Maryland. She was Director of Member Services and Chapter Development working with HLAA chapters nationwide. She planned annual leadership training events in Bethesda and workshops at conventions. She was responsible for daily oversight of support staff and volunteers. She maintained the computer network and database. Toni was appointed and served on TADDAC for the California Telephone Access program. She worked at CaptionCall as a Trainer and currently serves as a patient support team member for MED-EL Cochlear Implant Company. During the past five years, Toni has served as chapter advisor for the HLAA Mission Viejo Chapter and recently the City of Orange Chapter. Toni attributes her hearing loss to noise (rock and roll) in her early 20s. She wears a hearing aid in one ear and a cochlear implant in the other ear. Toni lives in Laguna Woods Village, California.