• Registration

    The 2012 Walk4Hearing will be at the Long Beach Marina Green on June 3, 2012.

    To register for the walk, please follow the instructions below.

    1.  Go to www.walk4hearing.org and select the Walk location where you would like to participate on the “Find a Walk” page.

    2.  Once on the specific Walk location page, click the purple Register button.

    3.  Select how you wish to register (Start a Team, Join a Team, or Walk as an Individual).

    4.  During the registration process you will be asked if you are a “Returning Walker” or “New Walker”.

    5.  If you have previously participated in a Walk event before, then you are a “Returning Walker” and you can use the username and password from last year and click the Login button. If you have never participated in a Walk before, please select “New Walker”.

    6.  Go through the registration process and you will notice that your contact information is already filled in if you selected “Returning Walker”, and you will not be asked to select a username and password since you will continue to use the same ones. If you are a “New Walker” please complete the contact information form.

    7.  Complete your registration.

    8.  On the “Thank You” page, click on the “Access My Walk Center” link.

    9.  This will log you into your “Walk Center”, which you will notice has all the same fundraising tools and features but a brand new look and feel!

    10. Last year’s address book and donation information is available. In addition, don’t forget to update your personal page with new content and dates.

    Get your friends, family members and co-workers together and start a Walk team – it’s time to step up for people with hearing loss. Instead of everyone walking for their respective chapters, it was suggested that people form their own smaller teams. This helps to raise more money as family members and other close associates will want to donate to “Team Mary Jane” rather than “Team Chapter”. The funds for each team will go to the chapter or association that is designated by that team captain.

    People with a passion for hearing loss issues get involved for many reasons – either they have a hearing loss themselves or they want to show support for family members or someone they know with hearing loss. Parents of children with hearing loss walk as families and meet other parents along the way and share experiences. Company teams walk to build workplace camaraderie. Alliance groups such as schools for children who have hearing loss, hospitals, universities, and other non-profit hearing loss-related organizations, join the Walk4Hearing to raise money for their own projects.

    By participating, you are helping raise money for local programs and services for people with hearing loss such as captioning, outreach, scholarships, and assistive listening technology for your chapter. The way the money is split up is that National HLAA gets 50% of the gross, 10% goes to local walk expenses, and 40% goes to the local chapters.