• Why You Need to Walk 4 Hearing

    Why You Need to Walk 4 Hearing

    By Nanci Linke Ellis

    Getting dragged out of bed early on a Sunday morning is no fun! But there are many benefits to getting yourself in gear.

    1. Free bagels, cream cheese and juice (of course, it might be the last time you’ll need them)
    2. Once you have completed the 3.2-mile walk with all of your HLAA BFFs, your endorphins will be pumping like crazy– everyone knows that this makes you happier – so you can toss your Prozac.
    3. Now that you are on a happy roll, this means you will attract others who are also looking to be happier. The best case is scenario might be to: fall in love, make a new friend, rescue a dog, join a book club or take up tennis or golf.
    4. Every one knows that when you are in love or happier in some form, you don’t crave sweets. Love is sweet enough. So goodbye chocolate and forget about any chance for Type 2 diabetes (a major cause of hearing loss).
    5. When you happy, in love, and busy with activities, you lose weight and go down in dress sizes (yes, even the guys do). You’ll be become one hot and sexy dude.
    6. When you are happy, in love, thin and active, your mind is working 100 miles a minute. No senior moments for you (or at least none you remember!)
    7. Being happy, thinner and active is a great pain reducer – so toss the Aleve and Ibuprofen. You are not going need much at all.
    8. Besides less pain, there is reduced danger of falling (a byproduct of hearing loss due to lack of balance). Walking4Hearing in Long Beach and keeping it up elsewhere means stronger bones and firmer muscles. Core strength is no longer just about an apple.
    9. Once you are happy, in love, in great shape and staying active, your prospects for a better job or higher income is raising the bar to the quality in your life.
    10. Oh, and that reminds me, THE BAR (our favorite part of the walk). Once you have walked4hearing, all the margaritas in the world at the Mexican restaurant are available right across the street from the Walk site.

    Walking4Hearing is not just about hearing loss anymore. It’s showing the world that we can do anything in this age of technology and digital hearing devices. And that the Quality of our lives is better than it was before.

    So let’s talk it up, raise some money for our chapter, and change the world’s perceptions of hearing health.

    (With apologies to Better Hearing Institutes Top Reasons to Handle Hearing Loss)